White Fox Full Charge Nicotine Pouches

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Tabakfreie Nicotine-Pouches mit extra starkem Nikotin-Kick (16.5 mg/g) und ein eisiges Minz-Aroma bieten. White Fox Full Charge besteht aus einer hochwertigen Pflanzen-Füllung, die jegliche Fleckenbildung auf deinen Zähnen verhindert. Die Portionen sind recht trocken und laufen so kaum. Zudem schmeckt White Fox Full Charge lang! White Fox Nicotine Pouches kommen aus dem Hause GN Tobacco, dem Hersteller von Siberia Snus.
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Kategorie Nicotine Pouches
Marke White Fox
Nikotingehalt ~14 mg / g
Inhalt 15 Päckchen
Geschmacksrichtung Frisch
Aroma Minze
Stärke Extra stark
Tobi 19. März 2021
Guter Snus, auch ein super Service bei Fragen. Schneller Versand... bin sehr zufrieden.
A. 2. April 2020
After having tried Snus while traveling, I finally wanted to switch from smoking cigaretes for years. I couldn't find any shop that sells them locally though. The Import worked well and customer support was very kind and helpful when I reached out with questions.
The Snus itself arrived in perfect condition after five days. Taste and smell is fresh and minty without any weird undertones. Release of Nicotine sets in slow and steady, peaks at around 10 minutes with milder relase after that point and lasts up to around 40 minutes total. As a former smoker this is a much smoother experience. At times I smoked up to three cigarrettes to reach the same relief.
I am glad to have made this decision.

10/10 product
10/10 service

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