Kaffe - Coffee 8 ml

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Categories: Accessories, V2 Tobacco

Create your own Chew by adding Kaffe aroma that gives your chew a classic coffee note.

How to create your own Chew:

For the 300g ChewX big bag add approximately 80 ml of water and 10ml of aroma for moist flavoured chew. Depending on your preferences, add less water for a lower moisture level and more aroma for a stronger flavor. You can also mix different aroma flavors.

While adding water and aroma, turn around the chewing bags so that they are moistened evenly.

Finally, keep the big bag in the refrigerator for 3 days. Ready for your own Chew!


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  • 1 Can € 3.10
Additional Info
Category Accessories
Manufacturer V2 Tobacco
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note Kaffee

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