Faro IceShockX Nicotine Bags

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Limited introductory offer from 4,59 EUR/can!

Faro Nicotine Bags are 100% tobacco free. Naturally derived nicotine crystals deliver pure nicotine concentration in bags.

Faro IceShockX 20 Nicotine Bags with 20 mg nicotine per bag will defintively give you the ultimate kick.

  • 40 Cans -15% € 196.80
  • 10 Cans -10% € 52.00
  • 1 Can € 5.79
Additional Info
Category Nicotine Bags
Brand Faro
Nicotine Content ~20 mg / g
Content 13 Pouches
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note tobacco
Strength Extra Strong

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