ACE Citrus Slim Nicotine Pouches

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Kategorien: Nicotine Bags, ACE, Ministry of Snus

The tobacco free ACE Citrus Slim Nicotine Pouches got a refreshing citrus flavor and it delivers extra strong nicotine kicks (18 mg/g). These slim and discreet nicotine pouches use an all white plant fiber filling. A high-quality filling that both reduces the drip and eliminates the risk of them staining your teeth.
  • 10 Dosen -15% 51,90 €
  • 1 Dose 6,09 €
Kategorie Nicotine Bags
Marke ACE
Hersteller Ministry of Snus
Nikotingehalt ~18 mg / g
Inhalt 20 Päckchen
Geschmacksrichtung Fruchtig
Aroma Zitrusfrucht
Stärke Stark

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